Industrial Epoxy Floor Coatings

Industrial epoxy floor coatings 09 96 56 are used to protect industrial concrete floors and commercial concrete floors. More companies today turn to an epoxy floor coating due to its flexibility as a floor sealer, repair cracks, slope floors, overlay floors and can also be used on heavy duty reinforced aggregate floors.

The epoxy floor coating or polymer seamless floor, adheres to most floor conditions. it's important that the concrete floor be evaluated to ensure that the concrete has the proper balance of alkaline and acid to ensure a strong bond from the epoxy to the concrete.

Epoxy floor coatings can be formulated depending on what your business or industry requires for concrete protection. A Concare concrete floor protection consultant will evaluate the current condition, understand how you need to use the new polymer seamless floor, learn of any chemicals, temperature and traffic conditions the concrete floor may experience. You can:

  • Mix epoxy with a Novolac component for maximum chemical resistant properties
  • Mix epoxy with a flexible component for high vibration areas or waterproofing as it allows the epoxy floor to stretch and contract
  • Use epoxy for crack bridging, crack isolation
  • Mix epoxy with aggregates for frequent forklift traffic
  • Mix epoxy with an iron aggregate to produce a heavy duty concrete topping where aggressive scraping from steel wheels, bucket loaders and front end loads frequent

Epoxy is one of the most adaptable concrete floor coatings used in industrial buildings today. Contact us for an industrial epoxy floor coating solution that meets the needs of your business.