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Waterproofing the Floor Protects What's Below

Waterproofing Accidents happen all the time.

If itís a water spill, chemical spill, product spill, pipes bursting or broken fire sprinkler head, you can be sure it will happen when nobody is around. It can cause product contamination, equipment damage and a big mess ensuring hours of clean up and possibly shutting down production for a period of time.

Waterproofing Concrete is a strong, durable product, but it is porous and does develop cracks over time. Untreated, it is a perfect pathway for water, chemicals or other liquid spills to find their through to interrupt production, ruin products or office space below.

Waterproofing materials provided and installed by Concare allow for the natural movement of concrete by bridging cracks and creating a 'bathtub' effect with a flexible material that moves along with the concrete providing continuous protection.

Waterproofing is a suitable application as a stand alone solution or as part of a great flooring solution to solve chemical, sanitation or safety concerns on the floor above.

If chemicals are present and thereís a chance of splash, spill or immersion, add chemical resistance to the mix. Better yet, ensure the safety of the facility and employees by creating a slip resistant surface.

Waterproofing Not sure what's right for you?

That's what weíre here for. We have a staff of people experienced in floor restoration, concrete protection and floor repairs that can evaluate your situation and recommend a flooring solution that will last for years.

Let us know how we can help you solve your flooring and/or wall challenge.

"First-rate product, my friend...
If you ever need a customer referral, Iím your man."

-- Guy M., Facilities Manager,
Warrenville, IL

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