AntiStatic, ESD, Conductive Concrete Flooring

antistatic floor esd floor Anti-Static, ESD, conductive concrete or ignition control flooring 09 61 36, conductive elastomeric liquid flooring 09 67 13.33 can be an important part of keeping an operation and its workers safe. Many times during Concare’s evaluation of a flooring system, we may recommend antistatic ESD formulations to ensure ignition control safety and security of the facility. These types of anti-static ESD installations are most often found in the electronics industry, hospitals, food industry and other facilities and businesses where minimizing the risk of static discharge or ignition control is a must.

ESD or anti-static properties can be integrated into a complete flooring solution to provide maximum protection:

Consider the addition of anti-static properties to handle the most critical applications such as:

  • electronics manufacturing
  • low humidity rooms
  • flour, sugar and other dusty environments
  • ink manufacturing plants
  • chemical storage rooms
  • printing plants
  • flammable storage vaults
  • pharmaceutical production

Be sure to work with one of our flooring specialists to evaluate your unique facility to determine if anti-static flooring is needed. Contact Concare today for a thorough floor evaluation.