High Performance Floor Protection for Food Liquid Vitamin Company

floor coating for powder food companyFounded in 1936, Prinova Solutions is an innovative industry leader in quality and service dedicated to the manufacture of liquid vitamin premixes, concentrates and custom blends designed to meet customer expectations. The organization serves companies in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care and animal feed industries.

Prinova Solutions is a growing company. The company purchased an existing forklift sales and repair building near its headquarters location and repurposed it to meet their production requirements. The floor was one of the last items on the list to be completed as it needed new drains, pitch changes for proper drainage and curbs around new refrigerator panel walls. The goal was to install a floor protection system to support their sanitation program.

The sanitation program was complex and demanding as Prinova Solutions issues a certificate of analysis on their customers' product ensuring no microbial growth was found during their testing process.

The food and beverage industry is becoming more proactive in understanding the critical aspects of the facility and production process in order to protect against microbial growth: the primary cause of recalls. As a result, Prinova Solutions needed a facility that supports thorough cleaning practices and minimizes the chance for microbial growth in the production environment. Concare's goal was to ensure that the flooring system product choice and installation methodology supported these expectations.

Implementation Process

The project consisted of a new lab, liquid production room and support rooms. Before any work began, Concare used laser leveling tools to determine the flow of any liquids that might be spilled on the floor for efficient drainage. Changes were identified and Concare was quick to remedy these defects. Standing water is a source of potential microbial growth.

Concare recommended Protective Industrial Polymers (PIP), Inhibicrobe, to added integral protection from the growth of microbes. The Inhibicrobe flooring process penetrates 3 inch to 4 inch into the concrete beneath the floor topping to form an aqueous, antimicrobial gel. The floor topping protects against harsh chemicals and is textured to create a safe walking surface, even when wet.

The general contractor in charge of the overall building project for Prinova Solutions commented that Concare did exactly as stated in their implementation plan. Since some of Prinova Solutions employees had been relocated to this new factory, Concare took extra steps to accommodate them by providing powerful fans to ventilate the area in order to control odors. As a result, no complaints were reported to management.


floor preparation and installationConcare had the challenge of adhering to the requirements of Prinova Solutions, their customers and the FDA. Prinova Solutions had the additional pressure of ensuring that the flooring solution continuously passed the weekly food contact surfaces test and the environmental surfaces test, done monthly. Prinova Solutions chose Concare as their flooring solutions provider due to their successful track record with previous projects completed successfully in the food production industry.