Concare: The Difference Begins with our Quality Assurance System

Concare believes that a concrete floor coating solution and wall protection solution can only be found after a thorough analysis and recommending the right treatment. That's what the Concare Quality Assurance System is all about: systematically assessing your facility or plant and designing a flooring and wall system to meet the demands placed upon the concrete floor and walls.

Evaluate Concrete Floor & Walls

Evaluating the concrete floor and walls is the first step in Concare's four-part Quality Assurance System. The condition of your facility's new concrete, bare concrete or existing concrete, physical requirements of your concrete floor and your company's operating processes are all addressed.


After evaluating your concrete floor's current condition; its operational use; EPA, FDA, USDA and 5S mandates; concrete floor maintenance requirements and your time restrictions, it's critical to choose the appropriate concrete coating floor protection system. A Concare concrete floor and wall specialist will take you through the recommendation for your facility.


Preparation is the key to a successful floor topping that lasts. Proper concrete floor preparations create durable bonds ensuring the concrete floor topping lasts for years. Concare utilizes its own equipment for all preparation work ensuring it gets done right the first time.


The final stage in Concare's Quality Assurance system is Application. With customer support, field-tested installers and long-term warranty protection, you'll have the best concrete flooring coating installation experience possible.

Concare Treats YOU Right

With the highest D & B Credit Class rating, numerous project awards and industry accolates and a veritable 'who's who' list of customers, nobody's more credible than Concare, Inc. We've made it our business to solve customers' concrete floor problems, period. Concare's three decades of consistent performance backs up an impressive reputation for quality, committment and excellence.