Iron Aggregate Concrete Floor Topping

iron aggretate concrete floor topping

The iron aggregate concrete floor is a concrete floor topping specifically designed for industrial facilities, warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants or logistics facilities. The iron aggregate filled concrete floor protects from heavy, direct impacts made to the concrete floor or from rubbing, scraping or erosion.

Concare’ s iron aggregate concrete floor topping for industrial floors work to resolve issues faced by companies that are manufacturing large, heavy products or utilize sizable machines that move product from place to place in the facility each day. These facilities need a heavy duty industrial flooring system that reduces frequent resurfacing, erosion and is long lasting. Our iron aggregate concrete floor topping provides your facility with the strength it needs so your company can focus on what it does well.

iron aggretate concrete floor topping

Resurface your current industrial floor if you experience:

  • Heavy duty traffic, heavy use of fork lift trucks etc.
  • Impact loading or potential heavy blows made to the floor
  • Erosion or crumbling concrete, pits or holes
  • Rubbing or scraping from machinery, products etc.

Industrial Concrete Floor Repairs
Repairs to your industrial floor are an essential part of floor maintenance and safety. Concare can even inspect your floor to ensure maximum productivity in rugged environments. Our experienced team can repair:

  • Deteriorated Joints
  • High Impact areas
  • Erosion

Be sure to ask us about our floor care products for daily maintenance and heavy duty cleaning.