Cementitious Urethane Flooring

cementitious urethane flooring Cementitious urethane flooring for the food and beverage industry has been the preferred choice due to the resistance to high temperatures, impact and moisture. More businesses today are turning to cementitious urethane floor topping for their proven abilities of high durability and abrasion resistance.

Concare can also evaluate your concrete floor and test to ensure proper drainage system, to eliminate any standing water that can breed bacteria and mold. Add reshaping or resloping of the floor as an option for better drainage. We’ll also check to be sure that your business demands are met when faced with daily operation conditions including impact, frequent wash downs, hot water or steam, and the movement of heavy equipment. We’ll be sure you have the proper flooring formula that can withstand the pressures of your production facility.

Cementitious urethanes, urethane cement, can be integrated into a complete flooring solution to provide maximum protection:
•  abrasion resistant
•  antimicrobial properties
•  impact resistant
•  chemical resistant

Consider cementitious urethanes (urethane cement) to handle the most critical applications such as:
•  food & beverage manufacturing plants
•  cereal & grain processing facilities
•  bakeries
•  kitchens

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