Concrete Floor Coating Maintenance Facility Contractor

Maintenance facilities need a concrete floor coating that can withstand a high force impact, abrasions and harsh chemicals. Concare installs concrete floor coating and wall protection for maintenance facilitiesthat need:

Oil, grease, chemicals and fuel are often used in various maintenance facilities. Concare has the experience working with numerous transportation industries such as:

  • dealerships
  • vehicle garages
  • fleet maintenance facilities
  • fire stations
  • aircraft hangars

Maintenance facilities need a concrete floor coating and wall coating contractor with Concare's expertise. Contact us today to evaluate your facility floor.

Aviation Hangar Floor Coatings

aviation hangar concrete floor coatingMake a great first impression with your airport hangar floor with a contractor that understands the small details in hangar floor coating. Concare's experience in protecting aviation concrete floors, you will be able to:

  • increase business by providing safe floors for passengers and airplanes and a positive, memorable experience from the bathrooms to the private hangars
  • easily clean and sanitary floor
  • keep the floors protected from aircraft cleaning materials and fluids like Skydral and JetA
  • a light reflective flooring system that saves on energy consumption
  • added protection from microbial growth

  • Contact Concare and let us evaluate your concourse floor, bathroom floor, airport transit system station and hangar floor for best protection possible.

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