MMA Floor Coating

MMA floor coating freezer MMA floor coating or Methylmethacrylate floor coating is a flexible, durable and seamless polymer floor formulation which can be an ideal solution for facilities needing a fast installation and cure time due to time and production constraints, even where sub-freezing temperatures are the norm. As facilities are utilizing every second of the day in order to maximize profitability and minimize downtime, it is critical to supply a flooring solution that fits the demanding requirements of facilities managers...and fast.

Installing an MMA floor coating or methylmethacrylate floor requires expertise that only Concare can provide. Because of the one-hour cure time, an in-depth understanding of the product and how it works is critical for a proper installation. Many times, when requirements demand an MMA flooring solution, contractors will recommend another solution instead of MMA, because they simply don’t know how to install it correctly!

When is MMA or Methylmethacrylate the best flooring solution?

MMA is the best flooring solution when you need acid resistance, abrasion resistance and a surface free of microscopic pinholes. MMA can handle the most demanding applications such as:

•  food and beverage
•  laboratories
•  refrigerated warehouses - going as low as -20 degrees F
•  product or production coolers
•  manufacturing plants
•  veterinary clinics and kennels
•  restrooms, showers, locker rooms
•  vivariums

If you have time constraints and need the installation done fast and done Concare today.