Food, Beverage, Wine & Spirits Concrete Floor Coating by Certified & Highly Trained Professionals

Food manufacturing and beverage processing are exposed to frequent wash downs, harsh chemicals, bacteria as well as hot oils and fats, dusty flour and extreme temperatures present daily challenges. Concare's experience with food and beverage floor coatings work to minimize production downtime while providing a safe facility, and clean and sanitary flooring system that is HACCP trained, USDA and FDA compliant.

Food & Beverage industry challenges & flooring solutions:

  • Sanitation can control bacteria growth and bugs on concrete floors and walls. Eliminate cracks, chips, gouges and other hiding places for contaminants with a seamless anti-microbial concrete floor coating.

  • Anti-slip or slip resistance is vital in food and beverage facilities. Powders, oils and liquids can create a slippery surface, leading to costly workman's comp claims. Adding a slip resistant floor coating creates a safe, stable working surface.

  • Safety is more than eliminating trip hazards, visitor stumbles or an uneven concrete floor. Concare also provides safety striping, color coding and 5S markings to help prevent accidents and direct traffic.

  • Concrete floor coatings can act as a barrier against daily abuse. Left untreated, concrete erosion from foot and equipment traffic leads to a much more costly replacement.

  • Static buildup from foot traffic, vehicular traffic or a dry environment can damage sensitive electronic instruments creating latent product defects. Severe static such as low to no humidity environments or storage of flammable solvents can start fires putting employees in danger. Powders like flour dust, sugar, aluminum can also become dangerous. A floor coating with static protection or ESD properties stops static electricity from becoming a serious issue.

  • Employee productivity allows movement in the workspace with confidence and less time is wasted.

  • Give employees a working environment to take pride in! A clean facility and heightened workplace awareness starts with a fresh concrete floor finish.

  • Removing oil, grease and other soils from bare concrete can be challenging. A sealed concrete floor is easier to clean and maintain reducing labor costs.

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