Industrial Urethane Floor Coatings & Commercial Urethane Floor Coatings

urethane floor coating Urethane floor coatings are designed for indoor and outdoor applications, industrial floors and commercial floors. Urethane floor coatings maintain a high gloss appearance, never yellows over time, stain resistant, and chemical resistant even to the harshest chemicals.

Industrial urethane floor coatings or commercial urethane floor coatings are best applied on top of an epoxy floor coating. The epoxy floor coating acts as a primer and adheres to concrete creating a tight bond layer.

Use a urethane floor coasting in:

  • A retail store or retail environment to protect against stains
  • Indoor or outdoor applications where UV rays or natural sunlight reaches the flooring system
  • A facility where static control is critical such as electronics and powder manufacturing
  • Areas to control the growth of microbes
  • A parking deck where waterproof coatings are essential

Urethane coatings are frequently used in airplane hangars, truck garages, auto dealerships, retail stores and in environments where appearances are important and the general public is present.

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