Industrial Epoxy Densifier & Penetrants for Concrete Floors

Industrial epoxy densifier and penetrants for concrete floors are used create a surface that is harder and more abrasion resistant than bare concrete. By adding an epoxy concrete densifier, the concrete floor is also sealed reducing moisture penetration from above. This causes water to bead up on the surface, which is why these applications are sometimes referred to as 'water glass'.

Concrete densifiers chemically react with the free alkalis in bare concrete to harden within the floor allowing for the greatest protection from dusting, wear and premature deterioration. Concrete densifiers help protect the floor and ensure a long lasting investment for years to come, by increasing abrasion resistance and dramatically reducing dust on the concrete.

Consider the application industrial epoxy densifier and penetrants for concrete floors to handle the most critical applications such as:

  • warehouses
  • pedestrian and forklift traffic aisles
  • storage facilities
  • retail stores

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