Waterproof Industrial and Concrete Floor Coatings

waterproof flooringWaterproofing concrete floors or elastomeric liquid flooring 09 67 13 can save you from water damage in regardless if its an indoor waterproof floor, indoor concrete waterproof floor with temperature extremes, or an outdoor concrete waterproof floor with MMA. Concare offers 3 varieties of waterproofing floor solutions.

1. Indoor waterproof floor - Apply an epoxy waterproof membrane or an epoxy crack bridging membrane where the temperature is within a controlled environment. Use the waterproof flooring solution under another flooring application such as terrazzo or a trowel epoxy topping for maximum results and a beautiful finish.

2. Indoor concrete waterproof floor with temperature extremes - Apply a polyurethane waterproof membrane and an elastomeric product where flexibility in the flooring solution is needed. Used in high or low temperatures, the urethane waterproof can be used as a standalone application or in conjunction with another flooring solution such as slip resistance or an aggregate for a more robust solution.

3. Outdoor concrete waterproof floor - MMA is a perfect solution for any outdoor flooring applications such as parking decks. The MMA waterproof solution is UV resistant, flexible to high and low temperatures and cures quickly. If you only have a weekend to complete a heliport, parking deck or another outdoor waterproofing solution, MMA is the best choice.

For a comprehensive, seamless waterproofing concrete floor system, contact Concare today.