Vinyl Ester Concrete Coating

vinyl ester concrete coating Vinyl ester concrete coating is a heavy duty flooring protection system used in applications where very hazardous, harsh chemicals and abrasions are the norm . Vinyl ester polymer concrete coating formulations are integrated into a seamless concrete floor topping system that are highly durable and provide maximum protection against corrosive chemicals.

Integrate other uses into your vinyl ester concrete coating for maximum protection:

  • enhanced traction / slip resistance
  • integral cove base
  • vertical protection for walls and secondary containment curbing
  • abrasion resistance
  • stain resistance
  • impact resistance
  • ESD (anti-static) ignition control

Vinyl ester concrete coating is the best flooring solution when you need high chemical resistance to a wide variety of hazardous, caustic, acidic, or solvent based materials. MMA can handle the most demanding applications such as:

  • secondary containment
  • ink manufacturing plants
  • chemical storage rooms
  • flammable storage vaults
  • chemical manufacturing plants

Concare can help you choose the right low maintenance vinyl ester concrete flooring for your application.