Concrete Floor Coating in Data Centers & Computer Rooms

data center concrete floor coatingConcrete floor coatings in data centers eliminates dust contamination on the concrete floor. Bare concrete or unsealed concrete floors can flake and spall over time emitting dust particles into the air becoming hazardous to sensitive equipment as well as the facility. Sealing a concrete floor should be standard practice in a data center environment, especially to control static electricity.

Ensure that your data center and computer room concrete floor:

  • includes ESD or static protection. Static buildup can damage sensitive electric equipment.
  • a slight slope ensuring any potential liquids stay away from electronic equipment.
  • is cleaned regularly to keep dust to a minimum ensuring efficiency of your equipment.

Sealed concrete floors always looks great and is easy to clean. Contact Concare today to evaluate your data center concrete floor.

Concrete Floor Coating in Electronics

Concrete floor coatings in computer and electronics or electronics manufacturing needs the added protection from dust particles and a static dissipative environment. Consider the following for your concrete floor coating replacement or bare concrete:

  • GMP compliance
  • seamless flooring system that is easy to clean and control dust particles
  • chemical resistant especially in processing areas
  • conductive floors where hazards reside
  • consistent ESD on the concrete floor surface

Concrete floor coating for the electronics industry is critical for the protection and safety of the work environment. Contact Concare for a complete evaluation of your flooring system.