Sloping Industrial Concrete Floor Resurfacing

sloping industrial concrete floor resurfacing Sloping installed on an industrial concrete floor is an effective way to direct water, oils, chemicals or any form of liquid to a drain or another collection point. Sloping is an important part of your facility especially if safety and sanitation are essential to your process environment. Water pooling, low spots and bird baths are common problems when water or liquids from production spill on to concrete floors.

Sloping on industrial concrete floors is commonly found in food plants, pharmaceutical plants or any process environment where water or liquids on the floor are present. Concare recommends a minimum of 1/8 inch of sloping per foot to a more aggressive 1/4 inch of sloping if necessary. Once Concare completes the sloping installation, we will check to ensure water flows directly to the drain or collection area. Finally, the concrete floor coating is installed protecting the concrete from deterioration.

Contact Concare if you need to direct water or other liquids with sloping.