Epoxy Color Quartz Flooring

epoxy color quartz flooring

Epoxy color quartz flooring added to a polymer flooring system - epoxy, urethane or MMA - creates an attractive tweed look, easy to maintain, finish with the added benefit of an enhanced slip resistant texture. Epoxy color quartz flooring is most often selected for moderate to light duty traffic conditions.

The seamless floor incorporates epoxy color quartz flooring aggregate together with clear polymers. The epoxy color quartz floor is great for healthcare facilities, hospitals, labs, locker rooms, bathrooms, shower facilities, correctional facilities and more!

The almost unlimited variety of colors and blends gives your new epoxy color quartz floor a central place in your designed interior, providing a beautiful yet clean environment. Be sure, to let us know if your floor requires chemical resistance or other properties. It's a great recommendation when safety to employees and guests is paramount, and decorative flooring is important.


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