Concare is the Only Company with Extensive Certifications & Training for Food & Beverage

The FSMA regulations have made food safety a high priority. Processing equipment, wash downs, and sanitation are obvious areas that need your attention. However, unprotected concrete floors harbor microbes as well as protected floors that have cracks, chips, dust, or flakes in the concrete.

Ensure your floor's protection. Concare’s key employees are HACCP and HARPC trained, delivering concrete protection flooring solutions that are both USDA and FDA compliant.

Concare takes into account the necessary precautions when preparing and installing a new floor or floor repairs. Why? Most flooring contractors use a preparation method called shotblasting. It’s a fast way to get the job done, however for food companies it’s one of the worst preparation methods as metal and particles can easily make its way onto the equipment even if it’s covered! Don’t take the chance of getting the metal and other small particles into the product only to get consumed.

An Evaluation from Concare Will Confirm Areas of Strength and Point Out Areas of Weakness

Because of your interest in achieving HACCP or HARPC compliance, Concare will conduct a complimentary evaluation of your floors & walls. Remember, we’re HACCP and HARPC trained.

  • We'll show you what the inspectors are looking for
  • We'll identify areas at greatest to lowest risk

Get more information on our food, beverage, wine & spirits concrete floor coatings solution.

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Certifications & Specialized Training

certificates in concrete protection

HARPC Trained

HACCP Trained

FDA Compliant

USDA Compliant

ICRI Concrete Slab Moisture Testing Certified

Certified ESD Specialist

Concrete Coating Inspector Certified

ISN Certified

Here is a sampling of our certificates. If you'd like to see more, contact us at