Coronavirus Update

Concare’s technicians are certified, compliant and highly trained to work in your facility or plant. Our expertise is now more important than ever. Here’s why:

Installation of Antimicrobial Floors & Walls

Did you know that Concare is certified by Protective Industrial Polymers to install their line of floor protection systems including Inhibicrobe antimicrobial floor and wall products? These have been tested against coronavirus type microorganisms¬ as installed systems, and their efficacy does not rely on an antimicrobial additive. Independent lab testing has been done to provide verified results.

Concare is also a "Master Contractor" of BASF (now Lone Star) for their line of products including Ucrete, which is impervious, non-absorbent, and does not support microbial growth. Ucrete is accredited for use in food facilities operating HACCP quality systems and carries the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Label for low emissions, and is also certified by Campden BRI.

Concare has successfully installed antimicrobial floors for food, beverage, medical device and pharmaceutical companies throughout the Midwest, helping to protect these facilities.

What You Can Expect Before Your Technician Comes to Your Facility or Plant:

We’ve taken additional steps to protect you and our employees. In addition to our normal cleaning practices, we have established a Covid-19 protocol for office and field personnel. We are working to make sure that we maintain the best work environment for our employees and technicians that service your facility.

What You Can Expect at Your Facility or Plant:

Concare continues to upgrade our strict sanitary practices. If you have a specific request or need additional information on our mitigation practices, please contact our President, Ron Puszynski, at