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Dairy Brick Removal - A Video Case Study

Case studies are a great way to evaluate a concrete protection company such as Concare. We took it one step further with a video case study. We set up a video camera during the entire concrete preparation and concrete coating installation process so you can watch firsthand why experience, training and dedication to perfection…matters.

Watch the video now right on our website. We decided to release our first video case study for the food industry. All industries can benefit from watching as the food industry requires a high level of sophistication especially with sanitation, anti-slip properties, prohibiting the growth of microbes, chemical resistance and more. Preparation for the concrete coating in this video was crucial. You’ll see how innovative we can be when it comes to keeping dust to a minimum. That’s because we own all of our own equipment and transportation equipment. Pay special attention to the forklifts.

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Getting Management to Say 'Yes' to Concrete Protection

As the food & beverage industry continues to reform under the new FSMA regulations, successful internal and external audits are essential. As we know, a damaging negative audit can shut down production or turn a customer away.

Floors can be overlooked as many simply consider it a part of the building. The equipment that sits on top of it gets the most attention. Now, auditors are closely looking at all surfaces as a great place for microbes to hide, breed and contaminate your product. What are you looking for? Cracks, chips, flaking and any obvious or hidden places in the floor where microbes can gather, grow and enter into food products.

If you're in a food processing company, take a tour of your production floor. If you see that your floor has cracks, chips or flaking, or soil buildup in the corners (great places for microbes), contact us for a complimentary evaluation.