Concrete Flooring System CoatRight by Concare

Epoxy or urethane coatings are usually what come to mind when customers envision a concrete restored floor. Concare’s CoatRight™ Systems coatright flooring system for showers bathroomsdelivers the necessary concrete floor protection that’s attractive, but functional, too . Applied in multiple steps, a CoatRight™ System is a good solution for a variety of facilities, particularly those whose concrete is already in great condition.

Is the CoatRight™ System right for your facility? Consider the following:


  • eliminates concrete dust
  • creates a barrier between concrete and your traffic
  • increases light reflectivity
  • protects concrete from staining and mild chemicals
  • makes cleaning easier
  • decorates concrete for added appeal
  • least expensive investment
  • enhanced traction available for ADA compliance and safety
  • available in zero V.O.C. formulascoatright for hangars


  • cannot prevent damage to concrete itself
  • must be maintained and/or recoated every few years
  • best used where concrete is in very good condition, or expected lifecycle will be short

CoatRight™ System Choices

Concare’s CoatRight™ line is available in four different systems. Choose the one that’s right for your facility based on your conditions.

CoatRight™ EC
The most cost-effective system in the CoatRight™ line and available in a variety of colors.
View the CoatRight EC color selection.
View the CoatRight EC color quartz selection.
View the CoatRight EC CF Color Flake color selection.

CoatRight™ CU
Urethane-based CoatRight™ CU is durable, higher-gloss finish and more abrasion-resistant than EC systems.
View the CoatRight UC color selection.

CoatRight™ MM
Methylmethacrylate-based system that cures in an hour.
View the CoatRight MM color selection.
View the CoatRight MM CF Color Flake color selection.

CoatRight™ VE
The best barrier against aggressive chemicals.