Concrete Flooring System ShineRight by Concare

Usually when people imagine a polished floor, they envision terrazzo. Terrazzo is a ¼” to 2” agglomeration of an epoxy resin or cement binder that isconcrete flooring system shineright blended with marble, glass, granite or plastic aggregate. This mixture is then placed on a concrete floor, ground with diamonds to a glossy finish and sealed.

The concrete polishing technique used in Concare’s ShineRight™ concrete flooring Systems creates a similar appearance. Since concrete floors itself is a combination of cement, limestone, sand and other aggregates, it can also be ground with diamonds and then sealed for a sleek, shiny look.

Concare uses a patented dry polishing process with our ShineRight™ system to speed up installation and minimize the mess typically associated with wet polishing. Thanks to extensive floor preparation expertise, Concare crews make quick work of removing old tile, carpet and other floor coverings so your ShineRight™ system can be quickly and easily installed.

Is a ShineRight™ System right for your facility? Consider the following:


  • contributes to LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Ratingconcrete flooring system shineright warehouse
  • minor scratches and surface damage removed
  • increases concrete’s surface hardness
  • eliminates concrete dust
  • increases light reflectivity
  • delays concrete staining
  • makes cleaning easier
  • rejuvenates old terrazzo floors
  • polishing and dyeing vertical surfaces also available


  • may not provide adequate slip resistance in wet environments
  • cannot prevent damage to concrete itself, especially with exposure to harsh chemicals
  • re-polishing every few years needed to restore shine if not well-maintained
  • repair work (cracks, joints) will be visible
  • new concrete must be sufficiently cured before application
  • soft or dusting concrete may require a pretreatment before system application

Concrete's condition will determine the finished product; aggregates, type and age of the cement, and other characteristics are factors. A test area is recommended to determine finished appearance.

ShineRight™ System Choices
Concare’s ShineRight™ line is available in three different systems. Choose the system that’s right for your facility’s immediate and long-term needs. Consider system additions that will improve the appearance of your floor.

ShineRight™ 800 System
For a basic concrete polishing application, ShineRight™ 800 is a solid choice. The ShineRight™800 system includes the application of a densifier/hardener/sealer. Gloss may be enhanced with your own floor polish, or with Concare’s recommended Concare Solutions™ Shine Solution.

ShineRight™ 1500 System
Want to create an even higher luster? ShineRight™ 1500 adds a diamond polishing step to improve initial gloss by 50%, and then finishes with the application of a densifier/hardener/sealer.

ShineRight™ 3000 System
Get out your sunglasses! The mirror finish of the ShineRight™ 3000 system is ideal for main walkways and customer contact areas. This system provides the highest gloss level Concare offers.

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